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    ReVirus is back

    Long long time i don’t post something here, i don’t share my inspiration and my interestes. long time passed, i changed my life many time, i grow, I improved many things, and now, really, it’s time to make my dreams comes true. now it’s time to start playing music, record, and share my feelings with the world. see you, see you very soon

    sunrise, a new day was born

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    Elio e le Storie Tese - SuperGiovane

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    Rust in Peace


    Megadeth - Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

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    Rammstein - Mein herz Brennt

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PortraitHi Everyone!
We're a band from Milano, Italy.

We're working on a totally new sound:
"Metal + Drum'n'Bass" with two aggressive voices, 7string guitar, dubstep grooves and loops, and lot of hard sinth. Curious? Follow us!

Soon we will release our first songs, meanwhile we will use this blog to share our musical inspirations and feelings

Check our official blog:
i want to find a japanese singer! if you are a japanese singer or you know someone, contact me to my blog!! thanks
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